Loving care from a trusted family!!


AT WELLNESS RESIDENTIAL SERVICES, we pledge to provide the highest quality of nursingservices while maintaining culture of equal employment opportunity, diversity and respect to our employees. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, which allows us to employ the best staff in the industry. Our direct-care specialists represent the Love, Empathy and Care we stand for, which is part of our organization’s values. Our direct support specialists make a difference in the lives of our clients every day, through their one-on-one interactions and the resources we provide to them, through a high level and judicious training to empower and provide them with motivation for excellent performance. Our committed and highly skilled direct-care specialists have made it possible to keep our clients in their homes, communities and wherever they want to be.

In order to become a Direct-care Specialists, one has to:

  • Be committed to continuous learning
  • Pass our rigorous behavioral interview
  • Demonstrate a passion to help others
  • Illustrate strong work ethics
  • Demonstrate strong character and leadership skills
  • Pass background and drug screening tests
  • Demonstrate strong listening skills
  • Possess the ability to build rapport with others

We are also hiring Nurses, Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist